Dopeys is an art and utility focused, community driven, collectible NFT project and a universe created by artist nicemusicdude.


Holding a Dopeys NFT not just gives you a unique art piece, it also opens the door of Dopeyland to you; where friendship, positivity, creativity, cooperation, building and being a real community are in its nature.


Our project is aimed at developing a global brand that represents the values of our community while combining the web3 and physical worlds.


Our mission is to create hilarious art and build the strongest web3 community that focuses on long-term utility for our holders.


Each Dopey is a unique NFT that lives on the Ethereum blockchain and each NFT is randomly generated by combining 400+ of unique hand-drawn traits across different trait categories.

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Hand Drawn 1/1 Artworks

Our collection contains exclusively created 1/1 Dopeys with unique characteristics which won’t be found in any other Dopey.


Dopeys Hub (Q4 2022)

All Benefits Together

Dopeys Hub is a unique web site that will gather all the benefits of owning Dopeys NFT and allow you to access Dopeys in your collection anytime you want.

All your Dopeys NFTs which are not listed on any market will automatically earn avocados daily and you will be able to spend those avocados you earn for the great opportunities in the hub as you please.

The only thing you need to do is connect to the web site with your wallet.

No staking required. Just sit back and relax while your Dopeys NFT passively earns avocado.

So, what will you find in Dopeys Hub?

and many more…

Dopeys Treasury

For our project to achieve its goals, 25% of Royalty income will be collected at “Dopeys Treasury”. We will cover our expenses from here in line with our roadmap and joint resolutions of our community.


Who can say no to new friends? We would like to make new friends on our journey and bring new faces into the Dopey Universe. Therefore, we will expand the Dopey Universe by collecting NFTs from other collections we like, and we will add new characters to our future stories. This will also allow us to form strong relationships with other communities.


As the rightful owner of a Dopeys NFT, you are granted an unlimited, worldwide, exclusive license to use, copy, and display the collected art for both personal and commercial use.

Merch Store (Q3 2022)

Who wouldn’t want to roam around in town in official merch featuring his/her favourite Dopey? T-shirts, hoodies, hats, stickers, mugs and more. We will offer physical merchandises in a wide range of categories and we will partner with iconic fashion brands to drop some cool merch.

Moderator Fund

Moderators are the most important components of a strong community. To maintain the continuity of our community, we will transfer 5% of Dopeys Treasury income to a special fund named “Moderator Fund” and we will create regular income for our moderators.

Rarity List & Opensea Verification

After sold out we will post the rarity list on our web site and we will also start the process of becoming verified on Opensea.

Online & IRL Events

Your Dopeys NFT will open the doors of many online and IRL events to you.

Partnerships & Collabs

Dopeys is a project that we started with the goal of creating a global brand. In line with this purpose, we are going to establish collaborations and partnerships with several communities and create new opportunities for our community.

Second Collection
(Q1 2023)

Keep this secret between us 😉


We’re All Doxxed

We have a passinate, enthusiastic and hardworking team


Tunc Eren
Artist, Creative Director


Hilmi Ocak
Project Manager


Ihsan Eren
Community Manager


Marketing & Operations Manager


Eva Dedova


Kerem Uluc
Radio Manager / DJ


Do You Have Any Questions for Us?

Dopeys will be FREE to mint. We will announce other details soon, follow our Twitter account for updates.

Dopeys NFTs will be deployed on the Ethereum blockchain.

NFT stands for “non-fungible token” which are unique digital items that are stored and encrypted on the blockchain that people can buy, own and trade.

NFTs can take many forms. They can be videos, animations, sounds or images. They can simply be digital art but can have various benefits. They can be treated like membership cards where holders get exclusive access to things like websites, events, merchandise, and more.

You will need your Metamask wallet and some Ethereum ($ETH) to mint a Dopey. Ethereum can be purchased on any crypto exchange.

Once you own Ethereum, download a Metamask wallet and transfer your Ethereum to your wallet.

That’s all. You are ready to mint.

You will be able to mint a Dopey from a page that will be released when the mint phase begins. The details will be on our Twitter.

Join our adventure!

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